Adenoid Problems

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Adenoid hyperplasia:  This fairly common childhood condition involves an enlargement of the lymphoid tissue of the nasopharynx

Cause:  Adenoid hyperplasia's exact cause is unknown.  However, risk factors include heredity, repeated infection, chronic nasal congestion, persistent allergy, and inefficient nasal breathing


Mouth breathing


Bouts of frequent, prolonged nasal congestion

Distinctive facial features such as; slightly elongated face, open mouth, highly arched palate, shortened upper lip, and vacant expression

Patient may show signs of nocturnal respiratory insufficiency, such as intercostal retractions and nasal flaring


Surgery; Adenoidectomy usually treats adenoid hyperplasia, most commonly for the patient with prolonged mouth breathing, nasal speech, adenoid facies, recurrent otitis media, constant nasohparyngitis, and nocturnal respiratory distress

This procedure usually eliminates recurrent nasal infections and ear complications and reverses any secondary hearing loss

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