Appendicitis:  One of the most common major surgical disease, appendicitis is obstruction and inflammation of the vermiform appendix, which may lead to infection, thrombosis, necrosis, and perforation.

Appendicitis may result from an obstruction of the intestinal lumen caused by a fecal mass, stricture, barium ingestion, or a viral infection.


Abdomen pain - generalized or localized in the right upper abdominal, eventually localizing in the right lower abdomen




Boardlike abdominal rigidity

Retractive respirations

Increasingly severe abdominal spasms and rebound spasms




Indication of perforation or infarction of the appendix--Sudden cessation of abdominal pain


Only effective treatment:  Appendectomy

If peritonitis develops, treatment involves gastrointestinal intubation, parenteral replacement of fluids and electrolytes, and antibiotics.

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