Cervical Polyps

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Cervical Polyps:  The cause of cervical polyps is not fully understood, but it usuallly resuts from infections.  It can be associated with;  Chronic inflammation, increase estrogen levels that the body does not respond well with, or local congestion of cervical blood vessles.  Cervcal polyps is very common in the ages of 20 and over who had children.  it is fairly common to find one single polyp and in some cases 2 more are found.

Cervical polyps is a projectile growth originating from the mucosal surface of the cervix, or even the endocervical cannall.  It is a small growth that hang from a stalk and sticks out (protrude) through the internal or exterior os (or cervical opening)

Infection and chronic inflammation needs to be treated always, and treated immediatly to help with the prevention of this disorder.

abnormal vaginal bleeding after intercourse, and douching
abnormal bleeding between menstrual cycle
abnormal bleeding after menopause
white or yellow mucous discharge 
menorrhagia ( abnorml heavy bleeding during menstrual cycle)


Removal of the polyp. It is done as an outpatient procedure electrocautery or laser vaporization
Antibiotic therapy is usually prescribed because many polyps are infected.
Most cervical polyps are benign, the excised tissue is usually sent to a pathologist for microscopic examination  ( some cervical cancers may have appeared as a polyp )

Regrowth of polyps is uncommon
a Pap smear is recommedned at regular intervals

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