Testicular Cancer

Testicular Cancer:  is the leading cause of death from solid tumors in men between the ages of 15 and 34.  Though rare, testicular tumors occurs in children also and 50% aere detectable before age 5.  Nearly all testicular tumors arise in the gonadal cells.

Prognosis varies with the cancer cell type and staging.  When treated with surgery and radiation, if the cancer has not metastasized beyond the regional lymph nodes, 100% of patients with seminomas and 90% of those with nonseminomas survive beyond 5 years.  Prognosis is poor if the cancer has advanced beyond regional lymph nodes at diagnosis.

Cause:  Unknown.


Firm, painless, smooth testicular mass
Testicular heaviness
Excessive development of the male mammary glands, even to the functional state (gynecomastia)
Nipple tenderness

Later stage:  Ureteral obstruction
Abdominal mass
Blood stained sputum (hemoptysis)
Shortness of breath
Weight loss


Varies depending on type of tumor cell and stage

Combinations of surgery may be needed



Hormone replacement may be needeed to supplement depleted hormonal levels

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