Testicular Torsion

Testicular:  Pertaining to the testis

Torsion:  act of twisting; state of being twisted

Testicular Torsion : It is noted that some men may be predisposed to testicular torsion as a result of inadequate connective tissue within the scrotum, and also may be the result from trauma to the scrotum, particularly if significant swelling occurs.  Testicular torsion can occur after strenuous exercise or without an obvious cause.  The incidence is higher during infancy and with the onset of adolescence.

Risk factors:  may include significant trauma to the scrotum or particularly strenuous physical activity.


Sudden onset of severe pain in one testicle with or without history of predisposing event (excruciating pain in the affected testis or iliac fossa)

Swelling within one side of scrotum

Nausea and or Vomiting

Light headedness or fainting

Tenderness on the affected side

 May have blood in the semen and or have testicle lump


Treatment consists of immediate surgical repair by orchiopexy (fixation of a viable testis to the scrotum), or orchiectomy (excision of a nonviable testis)

Surgical correction is usually required and should be performed within about 5 hours of the onset of symptoms in order to save the testicle.

This conditions is a surgical emergency  If symptoms of testicular torsion occurs seek emergency treatment promptly - Call 911 and or go to your nearest Emergency Room.

Please let me know what's going on, If the above disorder does not pertain to you- Question:  have you seen your doctor?  What was his diagnosis?

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