Brain Cancer

Brain Cancer has always been dreaded. Previously people saw no chances of recovery once afflicted by the fatal disease. Even today, brain cancer is regarded as of the most complicated ailments; however, modern science has evolved many modern technologies and treatments to fight the disease.


Two different forms of brain cancer are usually detected in human beings – primary and secondary. The primary type initiates in the brain. The cancer does not move to any other part of the body, and therefore, the situation is not grave. Nevertheless, if there are uncontrollable tumor growths within the small skull then it proves fatal.

The secondary form is also known as Metastatic brain cancer. Here the cancer originates in some other part of the body but then migrates to the brain. Since it is an advanced stage of cancer, it can be life threatening.

Causes And Symptoms

Malignant brain tumors lead to brain cancers. Some of the common symptoms of the presence of brain tumors are memory loss, impaired judgment, swelling of the optic nerve, vision loss, severe behavior changes, impaired smell sense, frequent vomiting, nausea and severe headaches, etc. Brain Cancer is dreaded because the symptoms of the disease go unnoticed, remain dormant until the last stage and this takes the patient towards oblivious death.

The following reasons have been isolated as being the chief risk factors:

  • As with all forms of cancer, carcinogens play a prime role in causing brain cancer. Be aware that house wares, pipes, car parts and furniture have higher concentrations of carcinogens.
  • Continuous contact with vinyl chloride has been seen as another prime reason.
  • One suffering from lung cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, kidney cancer for a long time is in all likelihood going to get affected by the secondary brain cancer.

Treatment depends on the stage of the disease, type and location of the tumor(s). Other factors such as a patient’s age too play a role in determining the apt treatment.

What One Should Do?

If one thinks that he/she is inflicted by the disease then there are a number of people whose suggestions are indispensable. Radiologist, neurosurgeons, dietitians, oncologist and physiotherapist are the right people to consult with.

If the tumor is in the nascent stage, then one can get rid of it by means of surgery. The modern technology is more advanced and less scary. It is a knife less technology and only high-energy radiations are focused from different angles to kill the tumor. This is also known as the “gama knife surgery”.

Treatment for brain cancer incorporates three methods, which are surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

There is external and internal radiation therapy. External therapy is projecting radiation beams on to the tumor and the internal therapy is implanting small radioactive capsules inside the tumor. Chemotherapy entails the process of administering drugs to kill the tumor. It is done in two to four cycles of treatment.

Follow up tests and checkups are necessary once the brain cancer is treated fully by eliminating/destroying the brain tumor(s).

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