Breast Cancer Ribbon

The pink breast cancer ribbon is in much the same vein as the red Aids awareness ribbon in that it seeks to lend solidarity to those who are suffering from breast cancer as well as raise awareness of the prevalence and prevention of this often fatal disease.  However, the last five to six years has seen a virtual explosion in breast cancer ribbon merchandise and this obvious increase I believe also indicates a much larger awareness and number of women committed to eradicating breast cancer for good.

 According to the National Cancer Institute, the increase in annual breast cancer rates from the 1940’s to the 1980’s was approx a 1 percent increase per year. However, the onset of the 1980’s saw an exponential increase in new cases per year, leveling off in the 1990’s.  The breast cancer ribbon was a symbol of the increasing number of breast cancer cases as well as a sign of support to those women battling breast cancer and those who had lost their lives. However, I believe that a marked shift in the meaning of the breast cancer ribbon has occurred over the last several years.

With ongoing research and new information being constantly uncovered, it is quite obvious that early detection of breast cancer is the most likely path to remission and survival.  Therefore, regular screenings and being mindful of added risk factors such as family history is crucial to stopping the spread of breast cancer and lessening the resulting fatalities. Due to this new mindset, the breast cancer ribbon seems to now apply to the woman’s community as a whole. No longer aimed solely at women already suffering from breast cancer, it is also a reminder to all women to perform self examinations, undergo regular mammograms and be proactive in their overall health care.  And some progress is evident; since 2003 the medical community has seen a steep decline on the number of new breast cancer cases.  This decrease can be explained partly through preventative care and early detection of abnormal cells made possible through awareness.

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