Cancer Cells

Cancer cells are abnormal, malignant cells which spread and grow excessively, destroying healthy cells and tissue. Cancer cells are the most basic underlying unit of cancer irregardless of the location of the tissue affected.  However, depending on the location of the cancer cells and the location of the body affected, the prognosis, treatment and death rates vary quite widely.

Through the very process of living, the human body is constantly reproducing new cells to replace those which are dying off. This process, known as mitosis is carefully regulated by the body to ensure that cells are not multiplying at an excessive rate, thus upsetting the body’s natural homeostasis. Sometimes however, mutations or alterations take place within a cell causing it to become malignant and multiply as cancer cells.  The failure to regulate the reproduction of malignant cells is what allows the cancer to grow and spread at a much faster rate than the healthy cells.  Because of their ability to exponentially increase, early detection of cancer cells generally allows for a better prognosis and increased chance of successful treatment and survival.

Treatment for patients with cancer is aimed at the successful removal and elimination of all cancer cells and the rejuvenation of healthy, functioning cells. In many cases, the cancer cells have clustered to form a tumor which must first be removed surgically along with any surrounding tissue which appears to have cancer cells present. Once the cancer cells are removed, chemotherapy or radiation theory may be used to kill any last cancer cells which may remain, thus stopping their reproduction and growth. Although these treatments are often painful and hard to endure by the patient, it is only through the successful eradication of cancer cells that remission occurs.  

In conjunction with other treatments, doctor’s today are taking a more holistic approach to eradicating cancer cells and restoring a patient’s health. Some of this includes understanding the link between nutrition and cancer as well as utilizing a patient’s own immune system to target cancer cells with antibodies. Hormone therapy is used for specific type of cancer cells which require the use of hormones to multiply by blocking the specific hormone thereby stopping the spread of the cancerous cells.

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