Tongue Cancer

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Oral cancers, including tongue cancer, are on the decline.  Nonetheless, an estimated 34,000 patients this year will receive the devastating news that they have this condition.

Though some tongue cancers are hereditary or aberrations, many are preventable.  If you are engaging in any high risk activities, you are encouraged to stop now, lest you risk losing any part of your oral cavity… or even your life.


Tobacco use is a known risk factor for tongue cancer; therefore, if you smoke, it’s recommended that you stop as soon as possible.  Many organizations offer free smoking cessation programs, and some workplaces are even jumping on the bandwagon, offering monetary rewards to those employees who can kick the smoking habit.

Additionally, most health insurance companies offer much lower premiums to persons who stop smoking.  They realize that smoking can lead to terrible health consequences, including (but not limited to) cancers of the mouth such as tongue cancer.


No, we’re not talking about eating your food.  We’re talking about chewing tobacco.  Whether you call it “chaw”, “chew”, or some other moniker, it’s a terrible habit and can lead directly to tongue cancer.

Like smoking, it may be difficult at first to give up smokeless tobacco.  Try nicotine patches, medications, or even hypnosis… anything that will help you end your relationship with this life-threatening habit.

Excessive Alcohol

If you have a drink every now and then, you probably aren’t likely to aggravate tongue cancer.  However, if you are someone who drinks to excess, often becoming inebriated or “blacking out” frequently, you need to curb your desire to imbibe beverages such as beer, wine, and liquors.

Similarly, if you have been diagnosed with alcoholism, it’s critical to get help.  Not only are you upping your risk of tongue cancer, you’re also ruining other parts of your anatomy.  And you deserve to be healthy.

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