18 Weeks Pregnant


You are in your fifth month, into your second trimester, and 18 weeks pregnant. You still may be feeling the symptoms of an early pregnancy as well as some new ones as you get farther along in your pregnancy. Some of those new symptoms you may experience being 18 weeks pregnant include aches in your lower abdomen and along the sides due to stretching of your ligaments to support the uterus, backaches, nasal congestion, nosebleeds, ear stuffiness, and bleeding due to sensitive gums. Though you may not experience all of these symptoms you can ease some of the symptoms such as backaches by seeing either a massage therapist or chiropractor specializing in pregnancy.

For a Happy Pregnancy

Being 18 weeks pregnant you may notice your abdomen is rounding, you may also notice having to adjust to a new sleeping position due to this. Most women prior to pregnancy would either sleep on their stomach or on their back. Now that you are 18 weeks pregnant those are not the best choices for different reasons. Sleeping on your stomach during pregnancy as your stomach grows has been compared to sleeping on a watermelon. Sleeping on your back though may be the most comfortable puts the entire weight of your pregnant uterus on your intestines and your back. This can in exchange for comfort aggravate back aches, digestion, breathing, and circulation. Sleeping on your side is recommended preferably your left side with a pillow between your legs is the best overall for you and your growing baby. This allows maximum blood flow and nutrients to the placenta with enhancing the function of your kidneys by better eliminating waste and fluids which provides less swelling of hands, ankles, and feet. By sleeping on your side, good posture, keeping your weight within the recommended amount, wearing supportive shoes, or sitting or standing for long periods of time will also help with backaches you may experience during pregnancy.

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