31 Weeks Pregnant


You are almost there into your eighth month of pregnancy, 31 weeks pregnant, and preoccupied with excitement & anticipation of your baby's birth. You increasing belly is about the size of a watermelon now. Your baby is just about 18 to 20 inches in length and weighs just about 5 to 6 pounds. Your baby will start to gaining approximately ½ an ounce daily. Your baby's final touches are now appearing such as creases around their wrists & neck, and dimples on knees & elbows. At 31 weeks pregnant your baby's lungs are almost fully developed, and any baby born now has an excellent chance of being born completely healthy.

Physically at 31 weeks pregnant you may notice regular strong fetal activity, pelvic pressure or achiness, itchy abdomen, and an increased shortness of breath. Shortness of breath particularly happens in the last trimester due to the expanding or your uterus which puts pressure on your diaphragm, and crowding your lungs Sometimes you also may have leaking from your nipples of a premilk substance but this might not appear until after your baby's delivery. Stress incontinence is common at 31 weeks pregnant. This is when women start to leak urine usually after a laugh, cough, or a sneeze. Pressure of your growing uterus onto your bladder causes this leakage of urine.

At 31 weeks pregnant travel safety is important to all expecting mothers. Some recommendations when traveling in your eighth month of pregnancy are getting plenty of rest, and make sure you have the name, phone number & address to your provider and the hospital you will be delivering at. Driving up to your delivery is okay as long as you can still fit comfortably behind the wheel, and not experiencing dizziness or other symptoms that can cause unsafe driving. If travels are long distance you might want to consider bringing along your spouse, family member or friend. This way if you happen to go into labor you will have someone with you.

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