32 Weeks pregnant


At 32 weeks pregnant you are almost there with one month to go until the birth of your new baby. If you haven't considered breastfeeding here are some benefits for both you and your baby. Breastfeeding is considered to be the optimal way to feed your baby. It is tailored to your growing baby's needs containing 100 ingredients that aren't found in milk and can't be duplicated in a formula. The protein in breast milk makes for it to be more nutritious and easier to digest. Since it is easier to digest, nursed babies almost never get constipated. Breast milk is also known to rarely cause diarrhea or diaper rashes. You can be sure with breast milk that it is safe. Not improperly prepared, contaminated or spoiled. Also at 32 weeks pregnant you might be worrying about post baby weight. Nursing is known to give a speedier recovery back to your prepregnancy shape. Not only does breastfeeding shrink your uterus back to prepregnancy size, but it also helps burn off the fat accumulated during your pregnancy.

Some women already know at 32 weeks pregnant that they will not be breastfeeding their baby, but instead bottle-feeding. Most mothers who prefer bottle-feeding enjoy the idea of the father sharing the responsibilities of feeding your baby. Mothers find that they have more freedom with bottle-feeding. They don't have to worry about pumping, dietary restrictions during breastfeeding, and stress of waking up in the night to feed where if she was bottle-feeding someone else could feed the baby.

By 32 weeks pregnant most women know if they will be breastfeeding or bottle-feeding their baby. If you are undecided try breastfeeding first and if you find it's not for you can always switch to bottle-feeding. Only you know what's best for you & your baby, and you need to be comfortable. Your first few weeks home with your baby will be the most difficult to adjust to a system and schedule that works for you and your baby, and having a supportive husband and family can make things a lot easier for you when you are home with the new baby.

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