9 Months Pregnant


Now that you are 9 months pregnant if your baby hasn't already arrive you should be prepared for labor. Pretty soon you will be off to the hospital and it is comforting to know and understand how far along you are and in what stage or phase you are in. There are three different positions for labor the first standing up, second is on all fours which is known to help with back pains, and third sitting upright leaning back slightly. Also at 9 months pregnant you should know the different stages or phases of labor and delivery. In the first phase of labor there will be thinning of your cervix while you dilate to 3 centimeters. In the next phase of labor you will dilate up to 7 centimeters, and in the last phase become fully dilated at 10 centimeters.

After the three phases of labor delivery of your baby will start. Then last the delivery of the placenta. It's good to be educated when it's come to giving birth. The knowledge can also give relief to any anxieties you may be experiencing during labor and delivery.

If your baby has already arrived after being 9 months pregnant and you may now start to experience postpartum. Common feelings of postpartum is exhaustion, abdominal pains, bloody discharge, difficulty urinating or with bowel movements, breast discomfort and swelling, or sore nipples if you have been breastfeeding. Emotionally new mothers feel after 9 months pregnant overwhelmed and may have swings between happiness and depression. Most women may experience these feeling for up to 6 weeks after their baby is born. You may also notice a gradual loss of weight, abdomen shrinking, or hair loss. After 9 months pregnant weight loss maybe slow but can stay steady with a healthy diet and exercise.

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