Am I Pregnant?

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As a woman, you know when to listen to your body for any signals of distress or problems. Perhaps you may be thinking: am I pregnant? And you're wondering if the little signals your body is giving off are signs of a pregnancy. There are some things that happen that can help to signal a possible pregnancy. Obviously, a missed period is usually the first thing to happen to make women ask: am I pregnant? Missing your period can be caused by other things such as stress or over-exertion, but more often than not, it's a sure sign that you may be pregnant. Some other things that may feel a little different include your basal body temperature, which is essentially your body temperature at the time you awake. If you feel like this has risen on a regular basis for several days in a row, you may be pregnant. When you ask yourself the question: am I pregnant, there are some things you should do as soon as possible to find out the answer.

If you suspect you're pregnant, a home pregnancy test kit should be the next course of action. Most pregnancy kits on the market today are fairly accurate, easy to obtain, and fairly inexpensive. If your pregnancy test comes back a positive, you may feel a little excited, worried, or scared. It is essential that you find out immediately whether or not you are pregnant for sure, so the next step would be to go to a doctor and have then confirm this. In the meantime, you should begin to prepare yourself for the reality of having a baby. Start to reduce stress, get enough sleep, and eat properly. Most doctors will prescribe a prenatal vitamin for you or make recommendations. The next time you think: Am I pregnant? You should be 100% certain by getting the proper tests so you can get determine what you need to do next.

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