Baby Birth Announcement

A baby birth announcement is something you may want to think about even before the big day arrives. While you cannot order the announcement before the birth, you can at least start thinking about what you will want.

There are many different types of baby birth announcements. One type that is very popular is the vellum baby birth announcement. These include the card, with a piece of vellum, a thin translucent sheet. The vellum includes the birth announcement, is laid over the birth announcement on the card, or in some cases, has a picture or design on it. These types of announcements also often include a bow on the card.

In addition to vellum birth announcements, there are also standard birth announcement cards. There are not quite as fancy as the vellum cards, but they will probably be less expensive too. Another option is a photo card baby birth announcement. These cards are great, especially if you want everyone who receives it to have a keepsake photo of the baby.

Even if you decide to go with the photo card birth announcement, you will still need to decide on a theme. There are cards that feature animals such as lambs or ducks, cards that feature cartoon characters like Mickey or Minnie Mouse, and cards that just use color with shapes or strips. You may even want to use a card that has the same theme as your nursery.

The most important part of the birth announcement is the wording. You may have a favorite poem about babies you want on the announcement or you may have already come up with your own wording. But, if you are still searching for what exactly to say on the announcement, check out some announcement samples, either at a local store or online. Finally, try to make out a list of everyone you want to receive the baby birth announcement so you know how many to order when the big day comes. You can also get addresses together so all you need to do after the birth is fill in the pertinent information such as date, weight, and length.

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