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When you start to near the end of your first pregnancy you might start getting nervous. You start looking for signs, but you don't know what signs to look for. Well, below are some of the common signs that you are ready for the baby birth. It is important to note that these signs can occur up to a few weeks before labor or they may be experienced only an hour before. One of the signs that you are ready for the baby birth is when the baby drops. This can take place a few weeks before the baby comes. It happens when the baby drops further in your abdomen getting ready to take its position to travel through the birth canal. You may notice that the baby is sitting lower, however you may not be able to tell any change at all.

Another sign that you are preparing for baby birth is a change in energy levels. You may get a sudden burst of energy and feel the need to start preparing. This is called the nesting syndrome. However, other mothers may experience a drop in energy. Ever pregnancy is different.

One of the more immediate signs of baby birth is your water breaking. This may sound obvious, but it isn't always that way. Many times your water does not gush out. It may just leak out. This is because the baby's head will sometimes act like a cork letting only a small amount out. You may feel like you just experienced incontinence. However, you can tell the difference because urine smells like ammonia and amniotic fluid does not.

Another more immediate sign of an impending baby birth is the passing of the mucus plug. This is a jelly-like substance that actually plugs the uterus. This substance may be passed a little at a time and it will usually be clear. However, it can also contain streaks of blood.

If you experience any of these signs you should tell your doctor at your regular appointments. If you experience leaking of amniotic fluid, you should of course contact your doctor right away rather than waiting for your regular appointment.

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