Birth Announcement

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If there is a new baby in your home you are probably eager to share the news with all your family and friends. Here are some tips that will help you make perfect birth announcements: Think about all of the information that you would like listed on your birth announcement. Of course you will want to list your baby's full name, along with your baby's birth date and time. What about listing both parents' names on the birth announcement? Does your baby have grandparents? If so, consider listing their names on the birth announcement, too. Other information you may want to include on the birth announcement could be your baby's birth weight and length and hair color.

After you know what type of information you would like on the birth announcement it is time to actually pick out the announcements. You can purchase these at most any stationery or card store, or you can order them ready made at specialty stores or via the Internet. An alternative to having your birth announcements ready made is to have them customized. These will be more expensive, but if price is no option they will be worth it.

Many people enjoy seeing pictures of the new baby. With so many photography options available it is fairly inexpensive to have extra copies of your baby's picture made. Enclosing these pictures in your birth announcement will give them an extra special touch.

Lastly, you should consider running a birth announcement in your local paper. This will give everyone a chance to know of your family's new addition. Most newspapers will run the birth announcement with your baby's picture. Running a birth announcement in your local newspaper will allow you to splurge on your birth announcements since you do not have to send them to everyone you know, just to select friends and family.

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