Birth Announcements

Are you expecting a new bundle of joy? If so, you might consider announcing the birth of your baby. Birth announcements are typically sent to family and relatives shortly after the birth of a baby. Some people do not send out birth announcements. Rather, they choose to contact friends and relatives individually. This method works. However, if you are looking for a unique way to introduce your baby to loved ones, an official announcement is a good choice. Parents may decide to create their own announcement on the computer, or purchase specialized stationery.

There is a basic etiquette to birth announcements. For starters, announcements are not customarily sent to everyone. Often times, parents will contact friends and family that live nearby with the telephone, and then mail an announcement to persons who live out-of-state. Because a lot of people enjoy sharing in the excitement of a new baby, there is nothing wrong with sending an announcement to several people. The best time to send an announcement is shortly after the birth. If the sex of the baby is known, it's proper to send birth announcements prior to the birth - perhaps a week before the schedule due date.

Birth announcements can include a variety of information. In many cases, announcements are kept simple. Start the announcement with a short introductory sentence. This line might read, "We welcome with love"¦," or "Welcome the newest member of our family."

Incorporating a poem on the announcement adds a unique touch. Next, include standard detail information such as the baby's full name, day of birth, length, and weight. Additional information could include the place of birth (city, state, or hospital name), parent's name, and sibling name's. If you decide to mail birth announcements after the birth of the baby, include a photograph of the newborn.

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