Birth Certificates

Birth certificates are easy to misplace. Maybe the original copy was ruined. Getting a new or updated copy of birth certificates is very easy. In fact, once you complete a simple form, you'll receive a copy of the certificate within two to four weeks. Birth certificates are needed to enroll in school, apply for a Passport, etc. Persons without a certificate also find it difficult to apply for a driver's license. The majority of people receive a copy of their original birth certificate shortly after birth. Since these certificates are not used on a regular basis, it's easy to misplace the document.

The best way to keep up with birth certificates is to place the document in a safe and secure place. Some people file their certificate in a cabinet, while others use a fireproof drawer or cabinet. Whatever storage method chosen, make sure that your original certificate will not be exposed to water or moisture. If the document is damaged and difficult to read, it becomes invalid and you'll have to requests a new one.

Some people request a second copy of their certificate in the event that the original is lost. To do so, contact the Vital Records Department in the state where you were born. This department will either mail you a request application, or provide the website address to an online application. Before a new certificate is re-issued, you'll have to provide detail personal information about yourself and parents. This protects against fraudulent activity and ensures the validity of your request. Thoroughly complete the application. If you leave necessary blanks empty, this will delay your request, and it'll take twice as long to receive a new certificate. Finally, submit a check payable to the state's Vital Records Department. The certificate application will provide information about fees.

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