Birth Control Methods

With so many types of birth control methods, choosing the right one can be confusing. Each method has its own benefits and drawbacks and the choice comes down to your own personal preference. Conducting research before you go to your appointment is a great idea, but you should also consult with your doctor to ensure that you have all of the facts.

The most classic method of all birth control methods is the birth control pill. However, there are many types of pills as well. There are some birth control pills that will help you fight acne, loose water weight, or even stop your period. The birth control pill is usually cheaper than other types of birth control but you do have to remember to take it everyday.

Other birth control methods include the birth control patch. The birth control patch is similar to a nicotine patch except that it transfers birth control hormones rather than nicotine. The birth control patch is great for people who can't remember to take the birth control pill. The patch is replaced weekly rather than daily. However, the patch is best used on individuals who are not overweight. If you think you fall into this category, you should check with your doctor to determine whether this is the right choice for you.

Some birth control methods can be inserted into your uterus. These methods, known as IUD's, allow individuals to forget about birth control all together because they do not require taking or replacing anything. Once it is inserted by a physician you are done. However, there have been some IUD's in the past that were found to have negative effects on its users. Yet, the modern IUD's are considered safe.

Other birth control methods do not require a prescription or a physician. These methods include condoms and other over the counter methods such as the sponge. These methods are great for individuals who do not want to see a physician. However, instructions should be followed exactly. If you do not understand the instructions that come with the product, you should consult a pharmacist or physician.

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