Birth Control Pills

There are many different forms of birth control. Each form should be evaluated for its benefits and its risks. Birth control pills are the choice that many women make to prevent pregnancy. It is important to understand that while birth control pills can prevent pregnancy they do not prevent you from contracting a sexually transmitted disease. You should still consider using condoms to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases.

Birth control pills require a bit more work than other forms of birth control. You will need to have a prescription to get birth control pills. There are actually two different types of birth control pills to choose from: mini-pills and combined oral contraceptives.

Mini-pills only contain progestin. These pills work by thickening cervical mucus which keeps sperm from getting to the egg. They may also work to keep the ovaries from releasing eggs at all. Mini-pills should be taken every day to be effective.

Combined oral contraceptives have two hormones in them: progestin and estrogen. These hormones keep the ovaries from producing eggs. Combined oral contraceptives should be taken every day to be effective. It is thought that the combined oral contraceptives are more effective than the mini-pills.

Other forms of birth control include injections, implants, IUDs, Sterilization, condoms, Norplant and diaphragms with spermicides. However, the only true form of birth control is abstinence. You should talk with your doctor about the different forms of birth control that are available so that a suitable match can be made for you. Every person is unique and each form of birth control has its own effectiveness.

Make sure the form of birth control that you have chosen will meet your needs. Things that you should consider before deciding which form of birth control you will choose should include your age, sexual lifestyle, family history and family planning.

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