Birth Control

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There are plenty of ways to prevent pregnancy. Some people choose abstinence, wherein they do not engage in sexual intercourse. Other people choose to use various methods of birth control. The responsibility of pregnancy prevention is often placed on the woman. For this matter, sexually active women typically visit their doctor and seek a birth control prescription. This might consist of an oral contraceptive, a patch, injection, etc. Before writing a prescription, doctors likely review the patient's medical history and current medications. Prescription contraceptives are sensitive and can quickly lose their effectiveness.

Unfortunately, many women are unaware of how contraceptives lose effectiveness. If taking certain herbs or antibiotics, it's best to use a backup method for at least two weeks. Each year, several women combine their birth control with other medications and become pregnant. Although contraceptives are not 100% effective, the science has improved within the past twenty years. If taken properly, the majority of contraceptives such as the pill are over 98% effective. This is great for women who want to prevent pregnancy. Having a baby changes your life. Single parenthood creates further challenges, and children have financial needs.

Aside from prescription medications, there are also non-prescription birth control methods. The sponge and condom are available over-the-counter. While these methods are not as reliable as a prescription, they can prevent pregnancy. These methods are ideal for persons who don't have a prescription, but plan on engaging in sexual intercourse. Another way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy is the emergency birth control pill. This method has resulted in a lot of controversy. Some argue that the emergency birth control pill is abortion, whereas others feel that it is a safe and responsible method. However, this pill cannot terminate a pregnancy that has occurred. Rather, it prevents pregnancies. Take emergency contraceptives up to 3 days after having unprotected sex.

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