Birth Month Flowers

Birth stones make great gifts for the jewelry lover, but birth month flowers are great for anyone. Many people do not wear jewelry. Jewelry can also become expensive. However, flowers are unique and inexpensive ways to show you care.

January is all about the carnation or the snowdrop. February is the violet or primrose, while March is the Daffodil or Jonquil. April is the Daisy or Sweet Pea. The first months of the year offer a variety of light fanciful flowers. These birth month flowers are great ways to add a delicate touch to your décor.

May is the Lily of the Valley or Hawthorne. June is the Rose or Honeysuckle. July is Larkspur or Water Lilly. August is Gladiolas or Poppy. September is Aster or Morning Glory. The middle months offer a variety of Lilies and other unique flowers. These birth month flowers are great gifts. October is the Calendula or Cosmos. November is the Chrysanthemum. December is the Narcissus or Holly. The latter part of the year brings some strong flowers. These birth month flowers add character to your home.

Birth month flowers are great for giving to people on their birth days. This is the ideal time to give the associated flower. They can also be given as baby shower gifts and for other occasions. You can give these flowers out as wedding month flowers, or graduation flowers or whatever events you can think of.

If you don't want to give the actual flower, you can also use the flower as inspiration. Designs using flowers make great cards, gift wrap, and other items. You can use the birth month flower as inspiration to design all types of crafts. This is another reason why flowers are better than birth stones. You are limited in what you can do with birth stones rather than birth flowers.

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