Birth Order

There has been much discussion on birth order. Many people believe that where a child places in the family directly effects how the child will view himself. For instance, the research that has been completed on birth order show that the child that is born first is more likely to feel that he is “right” and superior to others. The middle child is said to have more negative impressions about who himself. The youngest child in the family is said to be more dependent upon others to help him out.

Birth order is very interesting. Here are some typical characteristics that have been reported by people who have studied birth order:

First Child: These children are very comfortable being the center of attention. They also tend to believe that they are better or superior to their siblings. The oldest child in the family may be controlling, yet he strives to please. First children tend to go to college more than other children in the family.

Second Child: These children may feel that they never have their parent’s undivided attention. Second children may be competitive and feel that they are always racing with the older sibling. Many second children may try to be the opposite of their older sibling.

Youngest Child: These children tend to act like they are the only child in the family. These children may expect others to take responsibility for them. These children may sometimes feel that they are not taken seriously. The youngest child may become bossy and dictate the entire household around.

These are just general characterizations that have been made about birth order. Of course, every individual and family is unique. However, learning about birth order can give you an inside peek as to why the people in your family act the way they do.

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