Birth Photos

The day a woman gives birth to a child is one of the most important days in her life. Most mothers even want to remember the birth with birth photos. Birth photos are very important because they are the first ones taken of your new child as he or she enters the world.

There are many different types of birth photos you can take. You will need to decide if you want birth photos of the baby actually coming out of the birth canal. Many people like to take videos of the actual birth and save birth photos for shots of the mom and dad with the new baby. Another good birth photo to take is as soon as the physician lifts the baby up. Be warned that this shot may be a bit gruesome, as the baby has not been cleaned, but the mother will love having that moment preserved on film. Most people like to take shots of the happy family after the baby has been checked out by the physician and nurses, cleaned, and wrapped in a blanket. One of the cutest poses for birth photos is to have the dad holding the baby next to the mother while she is still on the delivery table. You can also ask your physician to appear in the photo with the baby and mother.

Although most will allow it, check to see if the hospital allows cameras in the birthing rooms before you take one in. Make sure your camera is working well before the birth - there are no chances for retakes with this event! Make sure the film is loaded or if you are using a digital camera, make sure your battery is charged and all old photos are removed from memory. Make sure the flash works. It is even a good idea to have a backup camera or even an extra set of hands to help you take photos from different angles.

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