Birth Pics

Births are a great and exciting occasion. Unfortunately, so many families live in different cities and even different countries today that is makes it almost impossible for everyone who is important in your life to be there for the birth of your child. This means great looking birth pics are very important! If your loved ones cannot be there for the birth, at least they can help share the experience with you later by looking at incredible birth pics.

Before you enter the hospital, talk to your doctor about birth pics. Make sure it is okay for you to take a camera or video recorder into the birthing room. You may even ask if the hospital has professional photographers on staff to take photos immediately after the birth. After all, birth fathers are often overwhelmed after the birth of a child and may completely forget about taking photos. If there isn’t a professional photographer on staff, consider having a family member or friend in the birthing room with you to take photos. This way, not only can you get photos of the new baby with mom, but also family photos. If you have an older child that is old enough to work a camera and they plan to be in the room when the baby is delivered, as them to take photos as well. Not only does this give you additional photos, but it also allows the older child to have an important role in the birthing process.

Make sure you take more than one camera, just in case there is any faulty equipment. There is just no way to stop the birth while you run out and get another camera, so be prepared! Be sure to take photos of the baby as he or she is born, is being cleaned by the nurses, and after he or she is wrapped up and given to the mother. Birth pics are a great way to share the experience with those who cannot be there. You can never take too many birth pics!

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