Birth Records

When you have a baby and he is delivered in a hospital you will be provided with forms which will be your child's birth records. A birth certificate in most countries will contain information such as the date your baby was born, along with the time of day, your baby's sex, length, weight and your baby's blood type.

A birth certificate will also contain the signature(s) of the nurse, doctor or midwife who helped to deliver your baby. In addition, the legal parent's names will be listed and some countries even list the occupation of the parents. This vital birth record is issued for the new baby shortly after the baby's birth. A physician will generally file the birth records with the government agency in their area.

Birth records are usually stored in a government office and copies of the certificate are issued upon request. Many people have the option of requesting how many copies of their child's birth certificate they would like while they are still in the hospital. It is a good idea to get a few copies and to have them on hand. One should be kept in a safe place such as a fire box or a safety deposit box. You will need a copy of your child's birth certificate during important milestones in your child's life such as starting school, obtaining a passport or getting a driver's license.

Many people find that they are interested in searching their family history once they have started their own family. If the arrival of your baby has made you curious about your lineage you should begin your search with birth records. Birth records are being searched more and more as people have started using the Internet to search for their genealogy. Birth records are generally available to anyone for a small nominal fee.

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