Birth Stones

Do you like wearing jewelry? If so, you might choose jewelry that includes birth stones. Birth stones are essentially gemstones associated with specific months in a year. For example, the stone for the month of January is Garnet or Rose Quartz. Although Garnet is the widely known stone for January, birth stones consist of a modern and traditional gemstone. For this reason, there are typically two stones associated with each month. This is perfect for individuals who want to wear jewelry that bears their personal stone. If a person does not like a modern stone, he or she can choose a more traditional stone.

The origin of birth stones goes back several thousands of years. During the time of Moses, twelve different gemstones were used to adorn the garment of the high priests and other officials. Since the priests and other important officials regularly wore twelve gemstones, this prompted others to follow suit. As time passed, these gemstones were alternated each month. For example, throughout the month of January the majority of people wore Garnet, and then change to Amethyst in February. This cycle of alternating gemstones continued for several years.

Over time, some people stopped wearing different birth stones. Instead, these individuals decided to wear a single stone. If they were born in the month of October, the chosen stone was Opal, whereas persons born in the month of April chose to wear a Diamond. Many people started to believe that birth stones had some sort of magical powers. Thus, more and more people began incorporating these gemstones into their daily attire. Those who wore birth stones believed that they were safe from wicked spirits and certain illnesses. These stones were thought to protect against blindness, drunkenness, and gout. Of course, the theory that surrounded birth stones was purely fictitious.

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