Birth Stories

Every person on the planet has a birth story. One of the greatest gifts you can give your children is to record their birth stories. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to put your labor and delivery on video. If that were the case, there would probably be few people who would ever know their birth stories. Plus, not many people would enjoy seeing their mothers so up close and personal.

Birth stores can be recorded easily with pen and paper. If writing by hand is not your cup of tea, record your children's birth stories using a computer and a word processor. Another option for recording birth stories is using an oral account via a tape recorder. Here are some ideas of things that you may want to include when you record your children's birth stories:

If conceiving your child took a lot of time and medical help, you can tell your child this. Going into detail of all the things you had to go through to bring you into the world will let your child know how much you truly wanted and loved him.

List things about your pregnancy that was unique. This will make your child's birth story sound unique. This can include your cravings, morning sickness, funny stories about your pregnancy and so on.

Tell when you first new you were going into labor. Were you alone? Were you sleeping? Who was the first person you told that you were in labor? Who took you to the hospital?

Lastly, tell about your labor and delivery. How long it lasted, who was with you for support and your thoughts the first time you saw your new baby. With a little bit of time you can tell your children's birth stories in such a way that makes them feel truly unique, special and loved.

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