Birth Video

Many expectant parents are interested in filming a birth video to commemorate the day their child came into the world. This birth video is usually produced through a hand held video camera that can capture every moment of the birth. Usually, the husband takes the birth video, but sometimes it is filmed by a friend or someone else. It doesn't take any special expertise to produce a birth video, which can be filmed like any other event or occasion. It helps to view other birth videos first to ensure you have the best angle and that you are accustomed to witnessing the birth experience. This film is one that will be treasured by the family for many years, and is a perfect memento of the time your child came into the world.

Some people who have no experience creating a birth video are concerned about squeamishness or if they will be able to film a birth as easily as filming other events. It is a good idea to accustom yourself to other birth videos and get used to what a live birth actually looks like. It is also a good idea to study books on the subject of birth and to learn what are the crucial moments which need to be captured and what are the signs the baby is coming out soon. That way, you can ensure that essential moments are not lost and the birth is filmed in its entirety.

Some fathers might be concerned about filming a birth video, because they want to be fully dedicated to helping their wives in case things get difficult. In that case, one might want to consider having someone else film the birth video so the father can concentrate fully on the condition of his wife and spending the first few moments with the new baby.

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