Child Birth Video

Video allows us to capture precious moments on film forever. Many people film historic events in their lives such as graduations and weddings - why should the birth of a child be any different. Even if you think you may never want to watch it again, you should consider doing a child birth video. After all, you will have it with you and someday, when they get older, the child may even want to see the child birth video.

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To make your own child birth video, you will first need to have a video camera. If you are short on funds, check with family members and friends. Someone may be willing to loan you a video camera for the birth. But, if you have a little extra money, you may want to consider purchasing a video camera for the big event. Video cameras are more inexpensive now than they have ever been. And, they are also smaller and more convenient to use. Just think of the other moments you may want to capture on film - first steps, first time going down the slide, or kindergarten graduation.

After making sure you are allowed to have the video camera in the delivery room, you have another big decision to make. Do you as the father want to take the child birth video yourself or ask a family member to take it for you? Many fathers, especially first time fathers, get so wrapped up in everything that is happening, they may not want to be behind the camera when the big event arrives. You may also be able to set up a tripod in the delivery room then just turn the camera on and aim it - just make sure you don't run out of film!

A child birth video is something that can remind your family of a very special moment forever. Before you say "no" to doing it, consider all the possibilities.

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