The Earliest Signs of Pregnancy

There are a few of the earliest signs of pregnancy that can easily be confused with a common sickness at first, especially morning sickness, which some women may start experiencing before they even have a missed period. After a few days of morning sickness many women will realize and start to consider the idea that they may be pregnant, but the first few days you may just think you have a common stomach bug or stomach flu. Another one of the earliest signs of pregnancy is a missed period, and this is usually the first sign that urges a woman to buy a pregnancy test, but the majority of the time a missed period is a good sign of pregnancy for a healthy female. Also if you notice that your breasts are beginning to swell and become very tender, this is another one of the earliest signs of pregnancy.

For a Happy Pregnancy

There are many women that will notice different changes that could be another one of the earliest signs of pregnancy, such as the feeling of being wore out and tired all the time and this is due to the strain that a pregnancy puts on your body. Sometimes the woman will also feel bloated which can sometimes cause a woman to feel that she has her period approaching, but it is also one of the earliest signs of pregnancy that some women will experience. After a woman has one child she may remember the symptoms she felt when she first became pregnant, but there are also many times where a woman will have different signs and feelings than she may have had during a previous pregnancy, this is actually quite common. If you are planning and trying to get pregnant then you will probably know many of these early signs of being pregnant.

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