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All women experience a wide variety of both physical and emotional symptoms both during and after pregnancy. There are many early signs of pregnancy that can help you determine whether or not you may be pregnant. Of course, the most obvious of these is a missed period. If your period is more than a few days late, you may have a very good chance at being pregnant. Another one of the early signs of pregnancy is a general "feeling" that you are pregnant. We all know our bodies, and when something feels different, odds are it is. Listen to your body and if you suddenly feel more tired than usual, notice slight swelling, headaches, or tenderness in the breasts, you could be pregnant. Frequent urination and nausea in the morning when you awake are also early signs of pregnancy. Some women actually experience very strange, unexplainable cravings for certain foods, while others have sensitivity to aromas and smells all of a sudden. These symptoms are less common but do occur in many pregnant women.

Since your body is going through humongous changes when you are pregnant, you may experience a great deal of early signs of pregnancy. Some other signs include strong and sometimes painful heartburn as well as constipation. If you don't normally experience these things, they could also be early signs of pregnancy. Of course, bloating and weight gain, back pains, mood swings, and a higher body temperature than normal are also common signs. Be sure to check with your doctor and find out if you are pregnant for certain, as some of these symptoms may be indicative of other medical conditions. Once you've confirmed whether or not you are pregnant, you can begin your plans toward a new baby and a brand new member of the family.

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