Ept Pregnancy Test

One of the most reliable and effective home pregnancy tests is the ept pregnancy test which is proven to be over 99 percent accurate. You can find an ept pregnancy in many places and you can use this test effectively up to four days before your period cycle is supposed to begin. If you are trying to get pregnant it can be convenient to have a couple at home pregnancy tests on hand in your medicine cabinet. The ept pregnancy test is very easy to use and you will have your results within a matter of minutes; though it is most accurate on the date your period is due it can be used before that as previously mentioned. There are many other kinds of home pregnancy tests that are on the market today but due to the accurate and reliable results the ept pregnancy test is one of the most popular of them, and also one that many doctors recommend.

As mentioned before the ept pregnancy test is very easy to use and the first thing you have to is to remove the test stick from the sterile package it comes in. The stick that you use for the test has an absorbent tip on it and this is the part you want to hold under the stream of urine, or else you can urinate into a sterile container and then put the absorbent tip into there for around 30 seconds. After this you want to lay the test stick down for a couple minutes and remember to have the results window facing upwards. After a couple minutes you can look at the window for the symbol to see if you are pregnant, a plus sign means that the ept pregnancy test is positive and you are pregnant. If there is a minus sign then the test is negative and you are not pregnant, but if you still think you might be and it is before your normal actual period date you may want to wait a few more days and try again, especially if you miss your period.

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