Free Birth Chart

A birth chart is an astrological chart that shows people the alignment of various stars and planets on their date of birth and at the exact time of their birth. You can obtain a free birth chart from many different sources. A birth chart can show a lot of information about an individual, based on the exact time of his or her birth. It also helps to show what the person's astrological sign is. These charts require you to input several pieces of information such as the date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth, as well as the sex (male or female). Sometimes people use a birth chart of themselves and another person to make a comparison about their compatibility. You can usually find a free birth chart at various places online. Many of these websites have fields where you can enter in your data, and then your birth chart is shown to you online. The chart can be printed out as a keepsake if you like.

When you look for a free birth chart, be sure you find one that will also explain to you what the different symbols and star alignments mean. By obtaining a free birth chart, you have an excellent keepsake for yourself, or your new baby. You can add the baby's birth chart to their special scrapbook, or print out a nice chart in color and frame it. They make excellent memories and serve as a way to commemorate an exciting and special event, while marking your place in time. There are many different looks to varying birth charts, and some will have more details than others. It is a good idea to look for a free birth chart in different places until you find the style and information you are looking for.

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