Free Birth Records

You may have lost your birth certificate, but that is no reason to panic, since you can find free birth records and have a new certificate printed in a matter of days. You can go to local courthouses to find free birth records if you want to research your family or if you need a copy of your birth certificate to obtain a passport. Free birth records can also be obtained over the internet, and it is fascinating just how much information exists online that seemed to have been lost in the "real world." Now a significant amount of research is being done on families thanks to free birth records which have been a valuable tool, especially for those who are missing a birth certificate of a particular relative.

Free birth records are not difficult to obtain and means filling out a simple form with the name, birth date, birth location and hospital. If you are lacking some of this information you still may be able to make some progress, although for best results, one should have all of the information filled out on the form. Free birth records can be held up because of a missing piece of data, so try to verify all of the information. Once the information is there it is not difficult to find free birth records, even on those who passed away many years ago. More amazing than records being destroyed is the number of records that are still intact and can be salvaged even after damage through the years.

Free birth records may be easy to obtain, but it is a good idea to store your birth certificate with care to ensure that you never need to make a mad rush in order to get free birth records at the last minute when you need to order a passport, for instance. The best way to store a birth certificate is in a plastic folder which is carefully placed in a closet where it cannot get damaged from the heat or rain.

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