Go Baby Go

Music industry veterans, Andy Blackman Hurwitz and Bernstein together produced Go Baby Go. This musical album for the kids features songs that are quite popular among the kids. The songs have been interpreted in a number of jazz styles.

What Makes The Go Baby Go Album So Special?
The songs really strike a chord in the young hearts and are also a good learning experience. The kids will love the collection of songs in the Go Baby Go album. The opening number of the album, 'If you are happy and you know it', for instance has been re-imagined with an N'awlins vibe and you will also find some of the words in the song changed. The new words run, 'If you're happy and you know it, play those drums! If you're happy and you know it, the beats will really show it"¦'.

The songs in the Go Baby Go album fit today's attitude and age and it is for the better as the kids are able to relate themselves to it. In the popular kids number, 'Old MacDonald', you will find that Old MacDonald is not a farmer anymore, but to suit the modern world, he has become a bandleader. Wondering where the ducks, dogs, pigs of the farm vanished? Well, they have been replaced by the musicians in Old MacDonald's group and the song goes, 'Old MacDonald had a band...'.

The List Of Songs In The Album
The tracks that the kids simply love in the album are If You're Happy And You Know It, Baby Loves Jazz Theme, The Trumpet, ABC, Old MacDonald, I've Been Working On The Railroad, Paw Paw Patch, The Piano, Ten Little Monkeys, The Drums, The Saxophone, The Wheels On The Bus, Go Baby Go, Scat Song, You Are My Sunshine, The Bass, Lullabye and Banana Boat Song.

What Else Does The Album Offer?
Go Baby Go includes some short interludes that introduce the children to the different instruments that are used in jazz, like the saxophone, bass and the trumpet. This is also great for holding the interest of the kids.

The album is also formulated to play through. This lulls the kids to sleep as the album winds down. The last three songs in the kids' album are especially made for the bedtime. These songs are 'Lullabye', 'You Are My Sunshine', and 'Banana Boat Song'.

The Go Baby Go disc is a hot favorite with both the kids as well as their parents. Gift your little one this lovely album and see them have a great time.

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