Home Birth

Today, many expecting mothers decide against a hospital delivery and choose to have their babies at home. A home birth is becoming more and more common. The ideal of going through labor and delivery is familiar surroundings appeals to many families. At home, family members and friends can attend the birth of your baby. Bringing a new life into the world is an exciting time, and loved ones want to share the moment. Since hospital delivery rooms are very small, and the number of birth attendees is limited, some expecting couples plan a home birth and invite the entire family.

Before deciding on a home birth, seriously consider the risks. Some women do not want to deliver their baby at home because the risks of complications are very high. Although midwives carefully examine the mother and can usually perceive problems early, there is no way to guarantee an uncomplicated delivery. For example, the baby could change its position, which makes vaginal delivery impossible. Additionally, the cervix may fail to dilate 10 centimeters, which also makes a vaginal delivery difficult. In both cases, a caesarean section is necessary. Since a midwife is not prepared to perform a surgical procedure, the expecting mother would need to complete the delivery at a hospital.

For the most part, giving birth at home is safe. Each year thousands of women participate in a home birth and experience little or no complications. For some women, the risk of complications is high, and doctors may discourage a home birth. Women with a history of birth complications and those who have had a previous C-section should plan on a hospital delivery. Some families choose a home birth because the cost is considerably less than having the baby at a hospital. A few insurance companies cover the cost of a home birth. The best way to ensure a safe process is to choose a certified midwife with plenty of experience. In the event of an emergency, create a backup plan.

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