Hospital Birth

Some women make a conscious decision to have their children at home with the use of a midwife. Still others choose to have a hospital birth, where they are under the care of medical professionals. There are some pros and cons to having a hospital birth, although a large percentage of mothers choose to have one. Some of the major perks of a hospital birth are the standard things like having pain medication and knowing you are in safe hands in the unlikely event of an emergency. Most women who become pregnant develop a close relationship with their doctors and then the doctor is present at the birth. This can give a real peace of mind and make you feel like you are safe and in good hands. The help of professionals can give new mothers a sense that their childbirth will be painless and easy.

Still, some mothers opt not to have a hospital birth. Many people find hospitals to be a bit daunting and intimidating. A lot of people feel like the hospital is too cold and impersonal. Some people prefer not to use pain medication, or to induce labor, but would rather have an all natural childbirth. This is really a matter of preference. It should also be noted that participating in a hospital birth can also be rather expensive. Some people also claim that it's difficult to get any sleep in a maternity ward since there are so many people on the floor and so much activity going on. There are perks to a hospital birth, like being able to control your medication and having the advice of a doctor nearby. Overall it is really the mother's choice when it comes to having her child in her home or in the hospital. New parents should weigh both pros and cons before making the final decision.

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