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If you are thinking about having a natural live birth it is very important that you understand what it means. A natural live birth means you will be giving birth to your baby without the benefit of any pain medication. There are pros and cons to having a natural live birth. It is important that you know what they are so you can make an informed decision.

The pros of having a natural live birth is that you will be fully alert during your entire labor and delivery. Many people report that being fully alert during the entire process means that you will have more control. Another pro of having a natural live birth is that many women report that they feel empowered by it. After giving birth to a baby without any pain medication women understand how strong they are - both mentally and physically. Another advantage to a natural live birth is that the chances are in your favor that your baby will not have to be delivered by vacuum extraction or forceps.

The cons of having a natural live birth are that you will have to endure much discomfort and pain. You may get tired quicker, too. There is no way that a first time mother can truly anticipate how much pain that she will have to endure. It is best that a woman understand that she has the option to request pain medication even if she had initially wanted to have a natural live birth. Whether you plan on having natural childbirth or not it is recommended that you enroll in childbirth education classes. These classes will educate you about labor and all its stages. They will also equip you with the breathing techniques and other skills that you will need to get through your labor easier.

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Expecting mothers have several options available. They can choose to deliver their baby with little pain and discomfort, or choose natural birth and endure an un-medicated labor and delivery. There are many advantages and disadvantages to a natural birth. Before choosing a method, it is important for women to discuss the options with their physician, educate themselves on the birth process,...

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