Male Birth Control

Since birth control is an option available to people of both genders, male birth control is just as important a subject. The condom, vasectomy, and a soon to be launched male birth control pill are the current contraceptives available to men. This is definitely much lesser than the options available to women. There are numerous reasons why the research in the field of male birth control has not progressed much since the 1970s when scientists first began toying with this idea. A lack of enthusiasm, difficulties in achieving the right hormonal balance to curb sperm production, and hesitancy on the part of men to subject themselves to any kind of experiment, are the reasons behind this.

A lack of funding has been another reason there have been no takers to pursue this branch of research enthusiastically. In recent times there has been a resurgent interest in the development of the male birth control pill, partly due to a stronger lobby from women who feel that men should share the responsibility on an equal footing. It is possible that once such a pill has been invented the number of takers is likely to go up. This is because a vasectomy is not a very thrilling prospect owing to the surgery involved and the possibility of it being irreversible.

Similarly, many find wearing a condom cumbersome. The male birth control pill may well prove to be the right answer to these issues. Also, their partners may be able to convince the men to try it out. Once men start to realize the benefits of taking such a pill, no doubt there will be a greater demand for the product in the global market as well. As of now, waiting and watching the scientists and researchers work their magic, seems to be the name of the game.

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