Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is different in that it only happens to a woman who has recently delivered a baby. Postpartum depression is not the "baby blues" that women can bounce out of. Postpartum depression is serious and it should not be ignored. Reports tell us that 10 percent of women who have delivered babies may go into postpartum depression.

Women who are dealing with postpartum depression will usually have some of these common symptoms:

  • Sadness, tearfulness
  • Anxiety
  • Feelings of despair
  • Difficulty performing or coping with daily chores/tasks
  • Problems sleeping
  • Changes in Sexual interest
  • Mood swings

The good news is that postpartum depression is treatable. Postpartum depression that is not treated can last longer and become worse. The form of treatment that will be given will depend on the severity of the depression. Many women find that going to a support group is enough to help them through the depression. Other women may need psychotherapy or medication to help them through the depression.

No one is really clear on why this form of depression occurs. There are many things which can be a factor in postpartum depression. They include:

  • Fatigue after giving birth
  • Decrease in hormones
  • Feelings of doubt
  • Lack of support

If you, or someone you know, are showing signs of postpartum depression it is important that it is brought to the attention of the doctor. Women with postpartum depression need to understand that they are not bad mothers or weak because they have postpartum depression. It is a medical condition that is treatable. Women with postpartum depression need to be surrounded by people who are supportive, caring and loving. With time and the right type of treatment postpartum depression will become a memory and not a part of daily life.

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