pregnancy signs

Perhaps you've been feeling a little bit different lately, and you are wondering if you might be pregnant. There are some very common pregnancy signs that can usually help you determine whether or not it's time to stop at the drugstore and pick up an at home pregnancy test. Of course, the most typical of all pregnancy signs is a missed period. If your period is more than just a few days late, the odds are that you could be pregnant. Of course, missed periods can also be an indication of other serious health issues, so you will want to be sure. Tender breasts are another of the most common pregnancy signs, as well as slight breast swelling. If you've been getting headaches that are much stronger and more often than usual, it could also be a sign since your hormones are going through serious changes, which can sometimes result in bad headaches.

Feelings of nausea, particularly during your early waking hours are also some very typical pregnancy signs. Morning sickness usually occurs later on in the first trimester of pregnancy, but some women experience it right away. Fatigue, strange cravings, bloating, and mood swings that are more emphasized than normal are also common pregnancy signs. You know your body better than anyone, so listen to it and notice the changes you are going through. If these changes are persistent and start to worsen over time, the odds are that you are pregnant. Of course, only a test will confirm this, so it's best to be sure as soon as possible so you can prepare yourself for having a baby if that is the case. Pregnancy is an exciting event in a woman's life. Knowing the pregnancy signs can help you to better prepare for it when the time comes.

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