Your body goes through a whole lot of changes during pregnancy, and sometimes it can be a little bit scary unless you know what to expect. Generally, there are three stages of pregnancy known as trimesters. During the first trimester, you may experience mild cramping similar to that of your period. This is normal as long as you do not see any blood or spotting. Morning sickness is also common, and is normal in about 75% of pregnant women. This usually consists of nausea and sometimes vomiting. Fortunately, by the second trimester, the morning sickness subsides for most women.

During the second trimester of pregnancy, you will see a change in your weight. Most women gain the most weight during the second trimester as the baby grows and you tend to hold onto water a little bit more. Another milestone of the second trimester is that you can begin to feel the baby moving or kicking.

One of the greatest parts of this stage of pregnancy is that the baby is forming its genitals are beginning to form. You can determine what sex the baby will be during this exciting time, usually with the help of a sonogram that can be taken at your doctor's office. The fetus is now becoming recognizable and forming its own genetic predispositions.

When the third trimester comes, most mothers can feel the baby rolling around and sometimes pushing on their ribcage. Most babies can survive being born early if they make it to this final stage of pregnancy. Of course, this last phase can be especially uncomfortable for the mother since the baby is now getting to be bigger and back pain and headaches are common. Pregnancy is a wondrous thing, and knowing what to look for when you're pregnant is a definite advantage so you can prepare for the many symptoms of pregnancy.

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