Pregnant Bellies

When you think of new mothers, one of the first things that usually comes to mind is an image of their pregnant bellies. This has long been a symbol of life, love, and fertility. In fact, pregnant bellies have become so well loved that there are a great deal of websites devoted to various photographs of them where mothers can contribute pictures of their own. Some women have even taken to advertising for various companies right on their pregnant bellies, and others have found new ways of expressing themselves by getting their bellies painted. No longer is the image of pregnant bellies taboo, but instead it has become proof that life is precious and that a mothers' love is eternal. There are other ways that companies have started to market pregnant bellies. One is by taking a cast of the mother's pregnant belly so she will have a keepsake to remember always before the baby is born.

We all know that babies can weight a lot, and many times those pregnant bellies are not so comfortable. Many companies have now designed realistic life-like "sympathy suits" for father to wear while the mother is pregnant. These are designed to look just like their pregnant bellies, and make the father understand just how uncomfortable it can be! This is actually a rather successful way to help make the dad of the house realize that mom is a little uncomfortable during this time. Many women are self conscious about their pregnant bellies, so good maternity clothing can help them conceal it and make them feel a little more self confident. It is important that all new mothers realize that their pregnant bellies are important and beautiful, and that they are carrying their new little ones for nine months so they should be proud of them.

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