pregnant woman

In today's busy world, everyone is finding it more difficult to eat properly. This can be a crisis for a pregnant woman, since she is still equally busy in most cases but also has to watch what she is eating. Luckily, there are some ideas that are fast and simple, not to mention healthy. Raisins are a great snack for the pregnant woman on the go. They contain loads of protein and iron, and are very easy to carry around and eat whenever you feel hungry. Another great healthy snack idea is ready to eat fruit bowls. You can buy these already made or you can make your own by packing small re-sealable containers full of fresh fruit and eat them throughout the day as you get hungry. Trail mix is another wonderful filling food for the pregnant woman on the go. You can make your own by combining various nuts, shredded wheat cereals, sunflower seeds, and other good for you items. Just be sure to try and avoid adding any sugary snacks to your trail mix.

Calcium is definitely essential for any pregnant woman not only while she is carrying her baby, but throughout here life. String cheese is an excellent, compact way to carry calcium rich foods with you. Small, single serve cottage cheese bowls are another great idea. Fiber is another important part of the diet as a pregnant woman. Try bringing small, single serve boxes of whole wheat and grain cereals, or low or no sugar oatmeal. These contain many essential minerals and vitamins that both you and your baby need. With so much to do and so little time these days, it's important for pregnant women to be able to have access to healthy food that they can eat in a hurry without compromising nutrition.

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