Once you find out you are pregnant, everything changes. You no longer feel like it is ok to binge on junk food, and even that occasional alcoholic drink is suddenly a thing of the past. While there are a lot of things you will need to eliminate from your diet when you're pregnant, there are also a lot of things you'll want to add when it comes to food and nutrition. First and foremost, a good prenatal vitamin is essential to a healthy pregnancy. You can find these vitamins at just about any drugstore over the counter. They usually have a higher concentration of folic acid in them. This is because folic acid has been known to help prevent certain birth defects in babies. Increasing your folic acid is always a good idea while pregnant. A diet rich in vitamins will not only help keep your energy levels up, it will also help to nourish the unborn baby. Diets rich in fruits and veggies are essential.

Of course, other essential nutrients like calcium, protein, and iron are also important when you are pregnant. It's best to get all of these nutrients directly from food. One prenatal vitamin per day should be enough in the way of supplements. Everything else should come from the natural source. Foods like milk, red meat, and whole grains are a great way to get the things you need. Be wary of certain types of fish since some can contain high levels of mercury.

You may want to ask your doctor about which fish to avoid before eating a large amount of it at any given time. Making lists of the foods you need is another great way to ensure you will get all of the things you need for your baby while you are pregnant. These eating habits should carry over for both of you and last a lifetime.

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