Pushing Birth

If you are pregnant and plan on having a baby, most likely you will have a traditional, vaginal birth which is also often referred to as pushing birth. This method of childbirth involves the mother "pushing" the baby out. Many mothers take educational classes that help them learn breathing techniques and methods to help make the big day a little bit easier. There are many different positions that can be used during a pushing birth, and which one you choose is really up to you. Many women round their bodies into a "C" position and tuck their chins into their chests to help them get more leverage. Some women actually prefer to squat or kneel, at least during the first stages of labor. It's a good idea to practice some different positions before the big day so that you can decide which method will be the most comfortable and effective for you.

Aside from the various positions involved in pushing birth, breathing methods are also very important. Deep, slow, cleansing breaths are preferred, although it's often difficult to focus on this when you are actually in labor. A lot of intense practice is really the best way to develop your own individualized breathing methods that you can actually put into action on the day your baby is born. Taking a class with other new moms is a wonderful way to get support. A lot of emotions are involved in pushing birth, and you may feel almost all of them, from happiness to sadness, but this is completely normal. Usually women feel this way during their months of pregnancy, and all of the emotions have built up until the big day. When you experience the miracle of pushing birth, you will understand that it's all worth it once you see your newborn being brought into this world.

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