See a Women Giving Birth

For women who are pregnant and are anticipating the birth of their first babies, the last trimester can be a difficult and challenging time. The whole idea giving birth may seem vague to the women as her physical symptoms become all the more tangible and feeling "in the dark" about such an important event may create worries and nerves. Few women, even mothers, actually witness a birth, and many women who give birth do not see what is going on through a mirror. There are many birthing videos nowadays that make it possible to see a women giving birth, or a woman can simply attend the labor of a close friend if she wants to see what is happening with a labor.

While the number of people allowed into the birthing room is usually confined to a strict minimum, if you have a friend who is home birthing, she is not subject to hospital restrictions and might be willing to have you observe, especially since you are about to give birth yourself. To see a women giving birth can be a miraculous experience, but at the same time, there may be moments of worry or concern. It is best not to plan to attend a high risk birth so you don't have to witness certain procedures you would rather not see which would weaken your morale. Try to find a woman who has had experience giving birth and has nor reason to suspect that this birth might pose problems.

If it is difficult to arrange to see a women giving birth live, you can choose from a large selection of birth videos. Perhaps a friend who has a birth video will be willing to watch hers with you and discuss the experience with the benefit of hindsight. It is a good idea to see a women giving birth who is a friend and can explain what is going on.

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