Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is a social issue that has become prevalent in today's modern society. There are many reasons why young women today are becoming pregnant at an earlier age. Some of these may include past abusive relationships, societal and peer pressures, or just a desire to feel loved. There are methods that can be put into place to help prevent teenage pregnancy. Perhaps the most important and fundamental method is education. By educating young people about the perils and consequences of having sex at a young age, it can be a great deterrent and a way to help prevent teenage pregnancy. In addition, teaching young people about abstinence and to try and influence them to wait until marriage is another effective way to help keep this problem at bay. Of course, not all teenagers are going to be abstinent, so other methods are also necessary to help prevent or at least keep the amount of teenage pregnancy down.

While giving out condoms to teenagers is no doubt controversial, it is also important since most teens are going to have sex in these crucial years at least once. By promoting safe sex teenage pregnancy is not only prevented, but so is the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Birth control for teenage girls is sometimes necessary as well, but this is of course up to the parents on a case by case basis, and is not up to the government to decide. Overall, education is really the best defense against teen pregnancy. By teaching young people what happens when you become a parent and showing them all of the hard work involved, they can get a clearer picture of what it's really like to have a child at such a young and important age in life. Schools and families must work together to help teach our nations' teenagers about the repercussions of sexual activity.

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